Our Story

Meet the Instinctively Wild crew! 

How we began 

When our late Tracker was diagnosed with DCM, we switched him to a healthy, pure raw diet that significantly improved his quality of life. He lived another amazing three years until he sadly crossed the rainbow bridge in June of 2021. When we saw the amazing improvements in Tracker, we decided to switch all of our pets' diets. With that, we wanted to compliment their healthy diets with pure, natural, healthy treats.

Many treats are advertised as "natural," but there are still questionable ingredients in them. With minimal luck finding truly pure treats, we decided to make our own. Our whole furry crew absolutely loved them! We shared with friends and family, and they began requesting our treats frequently.

We really wanted to offer these healthy, pure, premium treats to as many pets as possible (we'd feel guilty keeping these to ourselves!), so we decided to launch our business. We are so happy that we can now offer our treats to other dogs and cats out there!